Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pulling the Beams and Setting the House Down

I apologize for the 10-day gap in updates. The first week of no posts was due to rain delaying things and my not getting around to posting. Then I was plagued by technical difficulties with Blogger refusing to post the update that I did. So this is version 2 of this post and I'm hoping it works.

Here's a recap of last week: Joel continued to remove the porch floor. Bert finished laying block under the porch and was then ready to set the house down. The house was ready to be set down once Bert cut insulation board to serve as a "gasket" between the house and blocks. He also had to put post jacks in to support the house. While a few of these are needed in any house, we had to have a few additional jacks to support places where previous owners had cut the beams to insert heating ducts. The house could then be set down. Once the house was set, the beams were pulled. First the shorter cross beams that came out the sides of the house, then the two long (52') beams that actually carried the whole house. The question has been asked about how the house is attached to the foundation. It is attached to its new foundation just like it (and any other old house) was attached to its old, original foundation: gravity. Yes, old houses are just resting atop their foundations. No bolts or fasteners.

Foundation blocks are now complete except where the beams come through.

More porch flooring was removed. It is very dry wood, so it cannot be saved for re-use.

Post jacks went up where previous owners had cut the house beams to install heating ducts. These will stay.

The post jacks went in prior to pulling the main beams (left). 

The gasket between the foundation and the house is in place. The house was now ready to be set down.

Setting the house down onto the foundation.

Pulling one of the cross beams out the side of the foundation.

Pam was the traffic control person when Bert pulled the long beams onto Third Street.

Pulling the first of the two long beams.

Bert is quite resourceful when it comes to moving beams!

 And, the there's the dirt on the street. Joel was a good neighbor and swept it off.

 Back at 511 N. Main, the hole where the house was is nearly filled in.

 Just a little father - son time on a beam.
We're not quite as cool as the famous photo of the ironworkers having lunch above New York. 

 Pulling the second beam.

 How to move a 52-foot beam.

End of the week. Beams and piers are gone. Permanent posts are in. The basement looks great and is ready for the floor!


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